Friday, June 19, 2009

Procrastination for World Peace

One of my earliest writing mentors advised me to counter writer's block by just starting a stream of consciousness thread. Whatever ideas come to mind, put them on paper, no idea is too bad, it might connect to something somewhere, just get it out, out of your mind, out of the pencil, onto the paper ... Yeeaaahhhh ... Mmmmm, no. *delete*delete*delete*delete*delete* Clancie had the right idea, but I just whipped up a wordstorm bigger than I'm willing to wrangle today. So, in the interest of full disclosure:
  • Yes, yes, I did have writer's block. (Yes, writer's block IS the not-so-bright cousin of overthinking and procrastination -- bless her heart -- but we don't mention that in polite company, okay, sugar?)
  • Yes, I did come up with something to write, but I'm enjoying a lazy Friday & quite frankly, I do not want to think.
  • You also may be enjoying a lazy Friday & do not want to think.
  • What kind of an inspiration would I be if I went around futzing up people's Fridays? That's not nice.
  • I'm trying very, very hard not to be mean.
  • It would be mean to ruin someone's perfectly good Friday.
  • I won't be -- I just can't be -- that person.
  • I shouldn't write today.
  • I won't write today.
And there you have it. Procrastination for the greater good. Cancer will still be there tomorrow (or the day after). I'm logging off. The last thing I want to be is the jerk that ruined Friday for making you think. So, have an absolutely awesome weekend. Go do a little bit of everything or a whole lot of nothing, and find something that makes you smile. Just don't go futzing up anyone's Friday. People do NOT like that.

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