Monday, June 22, 2009

God's Waiting Room

Today is a checkup with Dr. C. Quick quiz for those paying attention. Dr. C is:
  1. a Yankee imported to SC for the purpose of fixing men's manly parts
  2. a triple-threatening urological oncological surgeon (boom! boom! boom!)
  3. a grade-A smartass who sits in a turbo-powered mood swing
  4. in possession of Newmanesque blue eyes (sorry, but you can't NOT notice them)
  5. the man with the hands that saved my husband's life
  6. all of the above
Doo-doo-doodoo-doo-doo-doo ... DING, DING, DING! If you picked 6, you have won the supreme self-satisfaction that comes with knowing you chose the correct answer. If you chose any other selection, you have earned the bitter echo of "Ohhhhh .... SO close!" If you are looking for any other prize, you have forgotten that I am unemployed and writing for ego strokes. And, if ego strokes are not your drug of choice, well ... you ARE an interesting specimen. Please contact me, as I would like to study you. (Is it easier in your world? I have long suspected that not needing constant validation would be a much calmer existence ... a bit boring perhaps, but easier. Attention-whoring does take so much time and energy.) So, back to Dr. C. It should be noted that however else they may seem, those quiz choices are by no means intended to be insulting. I, too, am a first-class smartass who rides a mood swing with rocket boosters. I am also a Yankee lured to SC, but only by one manly man. So I can appreciate Dr. C's disposition to some degree, and I thoroughly enjoy his sarcasm. While I may be all too familiar with moods that change with the wind, I can't claim that mine are the cause of having to tell some other wide-eyed wife that her husband's news isn't so happy. I cannot imagine what those blue eyes have seen. And I don't want to try. But I trust those eyes. And I forever will be grateful for his hands that sliced, diced, and disposed of nastiness in nether regions. And as beautiful as those eyes are (Newman. Really.), if I never had cause to look into them again, that would be just fine with me. Really.


  1. May I just say..., I love the way you write!?

  2. Oh Kelley! May I just say, I love the way you love the way I write?


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