Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Nurse Tilly

I have a very vivid imagination. I can create whole scenarios in my mind starring an almost-eight-year-old purebred Rat Terrier. I point out that she's pedigreed simply because although she has papers that name her "Atilla the One," she is the farthest thing you can imagine from a show dog and is known to her many fans as Tilly. Or I should say, Tilly! She is a wiggling, wagging, hopping, climbing, grinning exclamation point come to life. Her latest adventures find her functioning (quite well) as a home health care provider. Thumbs would be a big help, but even sans those primal tools, she provides the best nursing money can't buy. She even has her own assistant, her buddy Piggy, the highly skilled hand-holder who steps in while Nurse T trots off to fetch a fresh bottle of Gatorade, a clean cloth, or a sleeve of saltines. She charges nothing more than a kind word and a backscratch for her services, but she'll happily accept tips of MilkBones, Isaboo's Nutrish, rawhide chewies, or of course, a wee nip of whatever that is you're having. Really. Whatever that is. YOU'RE! HAVING! I and Jamie both imagine many, many, many things when it comes to Tilly(!). But that feeling of unconditional, unqualified, absolute adoration you see in those soulful brown eyes above? You can't make that up. And you can't find it anywhere (anywhere!) else.


  1. Tilly is just precious...and there's nothing like having a lil' Rattie in your life.

    (RattieRanchDog's mom)

  2. She is too adorable! Dogs are great medicine, I think, and deserve the best from their people!


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