Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Half-Full? More Like Running Over

One of the most pleasant side effects of starting this site is connecting with other folks out here in Bloggerville with common experiences. Golf Gal found me right away, and I am grateful for it. She has buoyed my spirits almost every day with comments and encouragement. Today, I've tried to do the same for another blogista, but honestly, if I've got a half-glass of optimism, this gal is holding the pitcher. Mrs. Newlywed is the cute and clever voice of Misadventures of a Newlywed, the self-described
... twenty-something sorority girl who is married to her college sweetheart, has an addiction to online shopping, and hates cleaning more than anything else in the world... (and) East Coast wife living in the South with her Midwestern husband and two pets in Misadventure Manor [an 800 sq foot apartment]...
Oh, what's not to love? I was originally turned on to her site by my dear friend S, publicist of the chi-chi puglebrity EloisethePug, and my source for much fun and frivolity. So imagine my surprise today as I am scrolling through updates of my favorite sites, and the message "Mrs. Newlywed surgery update ..." pops up. Wha...? So I clicked on over to Misadventure Manor, and found this. I can't begin to do it justice with a synopsis, so I urge -- no, I insist* -- you check it out for your daily dose of a look at the bright side. *Seriously. Go. Now. What are you waiting for? You can come back here (please do). This chick rocks. Big time. And she's reminded me that the time has come to share my own girly-girl scares, surgeries and strolls toward Half-Glass Land. Well ... soon, anyway. Keep coming back.

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