Friday, June 12, 2009

Girl Date Day

I am being sent on forced recreation this afternoon. Mmmmmm ... okay! Earlier this week, after my friend J (amazing girlfriend of the amazing K) had been making suggestions for some girl time, I bit and we made plans to meet up this evening. Then came Tuesday's great fever escapade and I immediately put it on hold. Well, as soon as fever stabilized yesterday morning, Jamie insisted I keep fun on the schedule. I agreed, but still thought that if needed, I'd bail. I am happy to report that there will be no bailing. I am also happy to report that while I was still headed out with a temp hovering at 99+, I finally heard that perky proclamation of "Ninety-eight-point-six!" this morning. Straight-up chick time is on the agenda: First, a matinee viewing of My Life in Ruins, the new flick from Nia Vardalos of My Fat Greek Wedding fame. Love her! Then, happy hour with the fine folks at Solstice Kitchen & Wine Bar. Love them! Then, J will be off to spend the evening with her honey. And I will head home to spend the evening with mine. Love it!


  1. have a well desreved day out and enjoy!

  2. Oh! hope you had fun!

    I found this pretty sign a little while back...


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