Monday, June 20, 2011

Procrastiperfectionation At Um, Work

Consider this post a coming attraction.

[Insert booming announcer-guy voice here ... aw crap. He died. 
Rest in peace, booming announcer-guy voice man. (sigh) Go ahead and and use your own voice.]

"In a world full of uncertainty, 
and a mind filled with chaos, 
she sought just one thing — 
to go home ..."

Trust me when I say there's something coming worth tuning in for, but it's currently trapped in a rampant but-not-so-random bubble storm in my head.

As soon as the procrastiperfectionator who also lives up in there pops all the bubbles, catches all of their splashes and organizes them,* the feature presentation will begin.**

Until then, eat your popcorn and stick around.

*It's both easier and harder than it sounds

**No, my annoying dear literalists, it's not actually a movie, just a metaphor, 
which is also both easier and harder than it sounds. 
What's that? 
Yes. Yes, even for me, the self-declared ruler of my own kingdom, 
rampant neologismist and self-important chronicler of all of the perverse 
most thoughts that hopefully won't get her committed to a psych ward 
that pass through my head.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

With Apologies to Misters Simon & Garfunkel

"Hello bronchitis, my old friend. 
How I detest feeling you again, 
With your hack-ing a-a-nd wheezing,
You pre-vent thinking o-o-or sleep-ing ...

But now with two shots in my bum, 
z-pac and codiene on its way —
It's safe to say (I pray),
I'll hear the sounds ... of silence."

This post has been brought to you by CatCon,
who is quite used to finding herself among 
"people talking with-o-o-out speaking (to her), 
people hearing without-o-o-out listening (to her),
and people writ-ing songs that her voice should never share, 
and yet she dares, disturb the sound of of silence."

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless "Yes. Yes, I Am Happy You're Home"* Wednesday

©2011 ccw/halfglassistan
*"Are you done playing with your new toy? 
I'm behind on my 19.7 hours of daily required beauty sleep."

©2011 ccw/halfglassistan
*"Until you have iFood in that hand, I'll thank you not to wake me."
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