Saturday, April 17, 2010

Under Pressure

(cue David Bowie and Queen here)

This is my one hundredth and ninety-ninth post. Or 199th, depending on how (melo)dramatic you're feeling. Whatever shall I write for the oh-so-monumental two hundredth (200th) post?

Should I be inspiring (or at least as inspiring as I aspire to be)? Should I be sentimental (or as sappy as I can tend to be)? Should I be retrospective, introspective (or at the very least, somewhat circumspect)?

Should I celebrate my awesomeness (or should I exercise a little restraint)? Should I celebrate all those who have recognized said awesomeness by bestowing awards and recognition on Halfglassistan, and whose acknowledgement is sorely overdue (or should I continue to feel guilty — forgive me, Dame, Belle and Laura — for not having composed the perfect appropriate response yet)?

Should I stop shoulding all over myself? (And, thank you, Stuart Smalley for that kind reminder.)

Or — before I get all worked up about how I've procrastinated considering this monumental topic until now — should I check my figures? And realize that I've composed 199 drafts. And published 179 posts.

Oh. Well. Whew! That gives me 20 more posts to continue procrastinating figure this thing out.

Or finally figure math out. Whichever comes first. Hmm.

Carry on.

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  1. that is pressure... I just don't look to see what # post I'm writing. Okay maybe I will now, b/c you mentioned it ;-)


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