Monday, April 12, 2010

Color Me Hopeful

I have many strengths. I do.

Clearly, modesty is not one of them, or I wouldn't have founded my own imaginary nation ... queendom ... empire community and invited you to adore join me in it.

Patience also is not one of them. But I'm working on that.

Nor was humility, for quite some time. But I have been humbled, just like millions of other folks just like me looking for work in this strange new world.

I have been interviewing with Anonymous Communication Company (ACC) and Anonymous Public Service (APS). Many times throughout my career I have found myself progressing through round after round after round of interviews. And I have have felt many things, both pre- and post-process.

Confident. Excited. Invigorated. Certain. Proud.

And, more often than I'd like to admit, I have felt entitled. Because of my education, my experience, my background. Hell, maybe just for being me. I don't feel that now.

I feel lucky. I feel scared. I feel anxious.

Perhaps one day soon I'll be able to report that I'm a proud, excited and confident new employee of either ACC or APS. Or, perhaps it will be of some other arbitrary acronym.

But until then, I'm trying really, really hard to just focus on one emotion: hopeful.

And I'm hoping really, really, really hard the whole patience thing kicks in, too.


  1. Annalise & I are hopeful for you too!

  2. The crayons had me doing the happy dance. Good luck on making your way through the process.

  3. Grad Girl is hopeful too. It will be a year this May. She's getting less choosy and is willing to relocate. We'll see... patience kicking in again.

  4. good luck. it's tough out there now. you certainly bring creativity to the process---trust your instincts.


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