Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cheesy Is As Cheesy Does

Thank you, Al Franken. 

Thank you for creating Stuart Smalley.

Thank you for providing snickers, eye-rolls, and laugh-out-loud moments when your satirical self-help guru dispensed his saccharine words of wisdom from his easy chair at 30 Rockefeller Center.

Thank you for creating a catchphrase that 20+ years later is embedded in my subconscious. It's so ingrained, I hear your character's whispery voice, measured cadence, and joyous lilt in my mind every time I think of your words:
"I'm good enough, I'm smart enough — and doggone it! — people like me."
Thank you very much. Because, however ridiculously mocking your character and his bon mots were intended to be, they both contain kernels of truth — as all good satire should.

And today, that pithy little punchline got me through the day. One more day when this lifelong overachiever weathered through a lingering fog of uncomfortable underachievement. One more day when this self-proclaimed attention whore announced her self-affirmation and greedily accepted others' acknowledgements. One more day when minor victories, once too trivial to be remembered a moment later, will instead be noted in the win column.

And that, sir, will push this ordinary Tuesday across the finish line and squarely in the category of A Good Day.

And I thank you, very kindly, for that.

P.S. Thank you also for clearly demonstrating the undeniable power of a teddy bear hug.


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