Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Amen and Thank You. Again.

Woo. To. The. Hoo! 

Mr. J's first post-chemo scan is clear.

Which means:
  • He is officially not in treatment
  • He is officially under observation
  • Scans every three months this first year
  • Re-evaluation after year one
I don't know what Samuel L. Chemo did or did not do with any little rogue cancer cells that may have shown up inside of Mr. J. 

I don't want to know the details, I just want to know the job's been done.

Which means?

I'll choose badass in a fight every freakin' time.


  1. This is such great news for you, and for readers who love you.
    'Course, I found out on fb, which is where I get all my news.


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