Sunday, September 6, 2009

Closer to Fine

If last weekend was close to normal, then this one is inching ever closer.

It's opening weekend for college football, which ranks just behind (barely) Christmas, and just above my birthday, the Super Bowl, Team Wedding's anniversary, NFL draft day and the Fourth of July.

Yes. Yes, those are in the correct order.

And the TW anniversary is of our first date, not our nuptials.

Which was at a football game. The date, not the nuptials. However, nuptials were scheduled around college ball. And one of the last days of our honeymoon did just happen to be almost two years after that first date. And the same weekend in the NFL schedule. And we did spend it back in those same seats (yup, that's us up there looking like newlyweds in the Georgia Dome).

So, yeah. Yeah. Football's kind of big deal around here.

And yesterday found us starting the day with Bloody Marys, slowing down with beer and eating something out of the crock pot (Jambalaya. Too early for chili.) while watching every game possible.

Was Mr. J moving slower than usual? Yeah.

Did he drink less (oh, you don't even know) liquor than usual and a lot more ginger ale, H2O, and Gatorade? Yeah.

Was the jambalaya a lot less spicy (again, you don't even know) than usual? Yeah.

Did Mr. J fall asleep long before I did, not even catching the end of the left coast game and need me to wake him to tell him who won? And did I wake up before he did this morning and put the coffee on and bring him a cup? Yeah. And, yeah.

But—did we yell, laugh, clap, dance and sing just as much as usual?

Yeah. Yeah, we did.

In fact, the most not-normal thing about opening weekend is that South Carolina won their game and Georgia lost theirs. Crap.


  1. I gotta say I love your zeal for football.
    I grew up in Wisconsin, with four brothers and parents who were Packer fans before it was cool to love them.
    Eventually, I became a fan, in my usual timely manner cuz I cheered them on to their Superbowl victory in the late 90s. We moved away the following year (when they lost to Denver) and circumstances kept us from enjoying games for the next six years. (We were heavily involved in church/in a different state, yada yada, yada.)
    It's too warm for me to have football fever here in Southern Illinois.
    I'm a huge fan of StLouis Cardinals baseball though, and THAT passion surprised even me.
    I like the Cards more'n I ever liked the green & gold.
    Go team!

  2. J loves the gatorade more than Vitamin water with a swish of Phenegran? We disagree! But tell him not to worry...soon he will long for the spicy bloody mary or cabernet once again. LIVESTRONG.


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