Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's Been A Hard Day's Night

... and I've been working. With the dog (beside me).

But, it's been quite the productive 24 hours. And I like that. I do.

You tease me mercilessly, but — I must admit — this whole withholding-favors-thing you've got going on has always worked on me. Now that I've crossed off everything on that list you planted in my brain, can I get some love from you?

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  1. Everyone is posting about the elusiveness of sleep.
    Is everyone busy/busting thir humps/working like [or WITH] a dog?
    Is it a coincidence or is there something in the water/air/moon phase?
    All I know is that I am tired, and evidently so is everyone else.
    We need Zs.


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