Thursday, July 9, 2009

Team Wedding Goes International

DATELINE: SOMEWHERE, FRANCE July 9, 2009 The Tilly News Network (TNN) reports that "THE PHOENIX WILL RISE," Team Wedding's official contribution to Lance Armstrong's "Hope Rides Again" campaign on Le Tour de France, has been imprinted on the tour route. TNN French correspondent le Petit Cochon, network owner Tilly's exective assistant Piggy, reports early reaction to the statement's release was positive, but as word spread among citizens, a crowd grew. "This is unlike anything my beady petit cochon eyes have ever seen," reports Piggy. "You expect candles, flowers and singing of soothing songs at these type of impromptu gatherings, but folks here are burning incense, eating Cheetos and singing 'Can't Kill The Rooster.'" As Armstrong is already committed to zipping right past any markers on the Tour route, he is not expected to make an appearance at the PHOENIX site. TNN will interrupt regularly scheduled programming as this story develops. ### (c) 2009 Tilly News Network ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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