Saturday, July 25, 2009


Bonjour, mes amis! L'Tilly here again. Ordinarily, I might throw a bit of the Spanglish in my speech, but today, in honor of Mr. Lance reaching the end of Le Tour de France, I think the Frenchlish is appropriate. Things are quiet here at Chez Halfglassique. Le Dad has a fever, and l'Mom is supervising the administration of fluids and antibiotics (Shout-out to Monsieur Pasteur! You ROCK!), so I am le guest blogger. Again. I choose to use my tres cute voice to get you to add more names to Dad's LIVESTRONG Action page. Last I checked, there were 182 -- which is AWESOME! Really. But, last I heard, Mom was hoping for 200 before the book closes. So show me your LIVESTRONG. Or, if you already have, send a friend to the page. Mom may not be so good with the math, and, I must admit, my talents also are geared more toward the word. But even I know that there have to be 18 more people out there who want to help Mr. Lance fight the cancer. Really. I will check back in tomorrow, but for now, au revoir, ya'll! CONFIDENTIAL P.S. TO ELOISETHEPUG: Thank you for the Frenchlish lessons, ma petite cherie! Vive la Pug!

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