Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Than / Not Quite Halfway There

Meet The Dripkeeper (aka the phoenix). Today is dose one of round three, or number five of eight scheduled doses of chemotherapy. My mathematically inclined friends tell me that means we're now more than halfway through this gig. That other hand in there? That's me. Doing what I do. Holding my man's hand. Or that's what it looks like, anyway. He's actually holding mine. A lot of folks have been reaching out and touching us lately, but I know there's still plenty of love to go around. Add your name to Jamie's page in the LIVESTRONG Action book of dedications that Lance Armstrong will present to world leaders after he completes the Tour de France. It's all part of a worldwide commitment to raise awareness, push for better treatment, and fight cancer globally. A donor has committed to giving $30,000 if the book fills with 30,000 signatures by the end of the Tour. All I'm looking for is 200. Names, not dollars. In less than three days, we've collected 78, and it's made us feel like a million bucks. Family and friends have put out the call on Facebook; friends and strangers alike have tweeted and re-tweeted the link on Twitter, clicked through, and joined their names to ours on a petition for a worldwide commitment to advancing cancer treatment. I don't know all of those names on that page. But I do know this: They are names of people who love us, or know someone who loves us, or know someone who knows someone who loves us. And one thing I am sure of is that each of them knows someone somewhere affected by cancer. Thank you -- all of you -- who have helped, and will continue to help us build this page. My cousin J put it best:

"...I'm not asking for much, just that you stop by their LIVESTRONG Action page and add your name. Everyone feels better knowing that they are not alone..."

She's got that right.


  1. More than half way through chemo is something to celebrate! Yeah. I hope hubby's side effects are not too difficult & don't forget you are blessed to have each other's hand to hold. And those gorgeous yellow bracelets. My favorite piece of jewelry that I never take off! Thinking of you both. Keep up the strong fight. xo

  2. Congrats on the halfway+ point! I'm a LIVESTRONG fan as my mom beat head and neck cancer last summer/fall. I will post about your page in the book on my blog, and hopefully that will add a few names to your list!


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