Monday, July 6, 2009

Silver & Gold

"... Make new friends, but keep the old ... One is silver and the other gold ..."
I never made it past the Brownies in Girl Scouts, but that doesn't mean I didn't learn to LIVE. BY. THE. GIRL. SCOUT. LAW! Yeah, all you former (or fallen) girl scouts, you know what I'm talking about: the end of the pledge. Any troop of Brownies I've ever heard said it just like that -- a staccato cadence, each word rising in volume, and ending in giggles. All you former (or fallen) girl scouts also recognize that little ditty up there, too. It's been running through my mind today, ever since I logged in this morning and found three comments on yesterday's self-congratulating one-month celebratory post. Quite simply, they rocked. I've made some new friends: Heather, who said "I love the way you write"; and Meaghan, who said she "absolutely love(s) that picture." Click on their names to go to their blogs and you'll see just how hard these chicks rock. (And not just because they flatter me, and oh, I do -- I do! -- love flattery!) But, it's the third comment that really pushed me over the verklempt cliff. It ended with four words guaranteed to get me every time, especially when they come from the best-big-sister-lifetime-girl-scout-who-pinned-my-wings-on-me-when-I-looked-in-the-water-and-saw-myself-and-then-taught-me-everything-I-know-about-how-to-LIVE-BY-THE-GIRL-SCOUT-LAW! Stay gold, Chrisie. Stay gold.


  1. Wow your girl scout song is a blast from the past! I am a fallen brownie. lol. Have a good week.

  2. Happy belated one month anniversary!

    I'm now your follower, but couldn't find a is time to take the plunge girl and get a Twitter account. It isn't as bad as you think it is and it actually ends up being fun!

    Visiting from SITS

  3. Your song brings back the memories! Ha, I never made it past the brownies either. Yeah for Girl Scout drop outs!

  4. Dropped out as an adult after a lifetime as a Scout and outdoor trainer, 30+ years. Decided I didn't want the Troop Leader life with my daughter. The leader culture is a little weird, and I don't have those same control issues. Daughter and I are doing other things together. But, I met one of my best friends ever in our Senior troop (we signed each others' marriage licenses) and still value what I learned in GS. -Susan, who doesn't have any of those little accounts to "comment as."


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