Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Holy Hero Worship, Batman!

Mr. J, circa long ago and far away

I love that little guy up there. He makes me smile every damn time I look at him. 

He looks a little different now, but I'd still know him anywhere. Same blue eyes that pierce right through to my heart, but they're darker. His smile doesn't come as easy, but it's worth the wait. The masks he wears are not as obvious, but I'm able to see through them. 

And the cape? It's not as bright, or shiny, or as crinkly and fun as I imagine that blue plastic one up there is. It's not even visible. To most people, anyway. But I know it's still there. And there's always room for me under it. Along with space left over to protect and care for far more than he should. But there is. And he does. Gladly.

I love that guy.

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