Thursday, January 7, 2010

Of Comfort Zones And Cupcakes

Mental health is kind of a big deal here in Halfglassistan. So big, sometimes it's the only deal.

When Mr. J was in treatment, I was very careful to take care of myself. It was important, as a caregiver, that I stay healthy body and soul. And I'm very proud to say that I did a pretty good job of it. Proud, because that's not a claim I've often been able to make.

Mentally, it meant getting out. And away. Seeing friends. Having girl time.

But I stopped.
I don't know when.
I don't know exactly why.
But I did. 
And I've missed it.
And I didn't really realize it until now.

So when my sweet JV, of summer girl-date fame, wanted to meet for coffee yesterday, I went. She chose a lovely little place called Cupcake. (Yes. Cupcake. Cupcake of the great Mr. J birthday cupcakes.)

And it was good.
I got my girl on, I got my cupcake on, I got my coffee on.
I got my happy on.

Earlier this week, my sweet KTP asked if I'd like to meet soon for coffee, lunch, or cocktails. I said whichever would allow Miss AHP to join us. So when she said lunch, she said where, and she said today, I went.

And it was good.
I got my girl on, I got my salad on, I got my munchkin on.
I got my happy on.

I've been hiding out in a comfort zone that hasn't really been all that comfortable. And it hasn't been good for me.

So, to all of my girls reading this: Keep asking. I will keep saying yes. And I will start asking. Because I need to. I want to.

And I know you do, too.

Wanna get your happy on? I dare you not to smile as you scroll down ...

Inside: A little happy cake of joy.

Miss AHP: "For me?"

Miss AHP: "...nom, nom, nom, nom, nom ..."

Finger (and palm) lickin' good.

Miss AHP: "Thank you, Miz Cafwing!"

Thank you, Miss AHP. Thank you.


  1. "amateur optimist"... I was focusing on your header. I'm usually an optimist, 95% of the time, half glass full type of person, but yes cancer can make that difficult.
    Great news to share... my friend Carolyn who's been going through chemo for her lung nodules, well, it's working, they are shrinking! Hooray for her and her husband and 3 daughters!
    Fill the glass all the way up and let's celebrate!

  2. Yay for shrinkage!! And Yay for hanging with the girls! I need to do that! Although I would like to do it without the teenagers! I need a break!

  3. I love the title of your blog. Stopping in from SITS.
    Happy day and cupcake.

  4. Yum cupcakes! Girl-time and cupcakes make a great pair!

    Stopping in from SITS!

  5. Love the phrase "got my happy on". I know what you mean about how easy it is to get so busy we forget to have good times. The tone I want to set for 2010 is to bring more joy and fun into my life. My resolutions
    Dance Every Day (just around my kitchen)
    Flowers Every Week
    Fun Adventure Every Month

  6. LOVE your header! And love cupcakes and your daughter is adorable! (P.S. I am a 4 yr cancer survivor - a weird kind that nobody ever hears of, but I'm still here and my mantra the last few years has been - "Strength, courage and HOPE everyday, baby. . .for without HOPE we have nothing!" And I encourage everyone to borrow it whenever they need to! Happy New Year and wishing all a healthy Happy 2010!!!

  7. CUPCAKES! COFFEE! Two of my favorite things!

  8. Ahhh! What a sweet and beautiful post!! We all need this reminder to get our "happy" on sometimes!!!


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