Monday, January 11, 2010


Big weekend at Team Wedding HQ: Chili and NFL wild card playoffs.

No. No, there's not a trace of sarcasm in that statement. That is what passes for a big weekend 'round here. We're easily entertained.

A snippet for you:


WHEN: Saturday evening

THE SCENE: Mr. J in his chair; me on my couch; Tilly running between the two spots hoping against hope that this will be the day someone sets one of those steaming bowls of smells-so-good down for her to dive in; on the tube, a promo for a new Jerry Seinfeld-produced show on NBC called "The Marriage Ref," in which a couple argues over the wife's insistence on keeping her first husband's fake leg. Don't believe me? See it for yourself here. But come back.

MR. J: "I'd like to think you'd make mine into a nice, tasteful planter."

ME: (mouth filled with chili) "Mmm-hmm-grbrbaw ... I was so getting ready to say just that ... Grbrbaw-hmmm-mmmm."

MR. J: "I thought so."

ME: (taking time to finish the next mouthful of chili) ... "Or a lamp."

MR. J: (thumbs-up)

So easily entertained.


  1. We have the same kind of entertainment around here. Small town fun! BTW... I see GLEE under your post. I have to go see what you've said about it. I love that show! Stopping by from SITs!

  2. a SITSta stopping by...:)
    i like what i see...might have to come back and visit often.
    off to explore...

  3. Like the first commenter, I'm off to read your "Glee" post too. But as for weekend entertainment-- how are the NFL playoffs NOT great entertainment? Maybe I'm just too big of a football fan...

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  4. okay. wait. i'm so confused. are we talking about bladder lamps. or making fun of christmas story? it's italian, right! :-)

  5. Oh, hell, yeah, that passes as entertainment out here in the country -- or 'hooterville' as Excy refers to it at times......

  6. You crack me up...sometimes any kind of entertainment is better than none at all. LOL.

  7. Hi, popping in from SITS!

    Isn't married life exciting?!?!?!

    Just wait until kids of the people variety come along - the entertainment possibilities are endless :)


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