Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kiss Me Goodbye ...

... I'm defying gravity.

Things have been hopping in my little center of the universe of all things awesome corner of the world. I've been getting my glee(!) on like the painfully deluded and in need of serious help wannabe rockstar I am.

Mr. Santa put the Season One cd in my stocking, and it has been a tres fab soundtrack for my oh-so-gleeful endeavors these past few days.

Oh, that man must so wish for spontaneous selective and reversible deafness love me.

... sigh ... 

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  1. Do you have rock band for the wii? If no, run to the store and purchase. We are partying like rock stars here in our finished basement! 9 year old on the drums, ten year old on the guitar and hubby and I fighting for the lead singer spot.

  2. I loooooove Glee. And where I get my Glee on.

  3. I was just going to tell you to go to hulu and the person before me told you the same thing! Love it!

  4. i <3 glee...i have both soundtracks! mmm can't wait for it to come back in april :)

  5. Yay! I am also a Gleek-- can't get enough of it! I didn't get the sound track for Christmas though, and I'm still kinda mad at DH for that oversight!

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