Saturday, June 11, 2011

With Apologies to Misters Simon & Garfunkel

"Hello bronchitis, my old friend. 
How I detest feeling you again, 
With your hack-ing a-a-nd wheezing,
You pre-vent thinking o-o-or sleep-ing ...

But now with two shots in my bum, 
z-pac and codiene on its way —
It's safe to say (I pray),
I'll hear the sounds ... of silence."

This post has been brought to you by CatCon,
who is quite used to finding herself among 
"people talking with-o-o-out speaking (to her), 
people hearing without-o-o-out listening (to her),
and people writ-ing songs that her voice should never share, 
and yet she dares, disturb the sound of of silence."

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