Monday, June 20, 2011

Procrastiperfectionation At Um, Work

Consider this post a coming attraction.

[Insert booming announcer-guy voice here ... aw crap. He died. 
Rest in peace, booming announcer-guy voice man. (sigh) Go ahead and and use your own voice.]

"In a world full of uncertainty, 
and a mind filled with chaos, 
she sought just one thing — 
to go home ..."

Trust me when I say there's something coming worth tuning in for, but it's currently trapped in a rampant but-not-so-random bubble storm in my head.

As soon as the procrastiperfectionator who also lives up in there pops all the bubbles, catches all of their splashes and organizes them,* the feature presentation will begin.**

Until then, eat your popcorn and stick around.

*It's both easier and harder than it sounds

**No, my annoying dear literalists, it's not actually a movie, just a metaphor, 
which is also both easier and harder than it sounds. 
What's that? 
Yes. Yes, even for me, the self-declared ruler of my own kingdom, 
rampant neologismist and self-important chronicler of all of the perverse 
most thoughts that hopefully won't get her committed to a psych ward 
that pass through my head.

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  1. I hope the popcorn is less expensive than the movie tickets plus snacks to keep my 3 occupied and quiet today at cars 2. Oh, and every time I go to this movie theater there is no one taking your tickets. My catholic guilt prevails and I pay every time. Sigh.


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