Friday, April 27, 2012

And I'M The Weird One. Message Me When You See Bigfoot. Or Hogzilla. Or Someone Who Wants To Hang Out And Watch PPV At The Nearest Holiday Inn.

(c) 07/07/11 Natalie Dee: SW gosh camping is just grand aint it


  1. I have to warm the clothes up before I fold them. I never fold cold clothes. I know.-Greg Prewitt

  2. I *am* Big Foot. My shoe size is Sasquatch.

  3. The best part in today's totally predictable SED day was the chance opportunity to meet a talented and interesting person such as yourself. (Who still thinks librarians are boring?) Thank you for sharing your spot in the cyber world. I will enjoy taking a virtual peek through the windows of your wonderful blog.


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