Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bourbon. Bluegrass. Beauty.

For the 7+ years I lived in the Bluegrass State, I took her for granted. 

An Army brat that lived anywhere and everywhere, I now know that the commonwealth is as much a part of me as the Calumet Region of Indiana where my heart's roots lie. She's more a part of me than the foggy San Francisco where my heart took its first beat. And while my heart bleeds red and black for my beloved Georgia — it is still a heart that was nurtured, broken and healed in the rolling hills and sweet air of Kentucky.

I never knew just how much I loved my old Kentucky home until all I had of her were memories, and in my mind, the sun is always shining bright on her.

Happy Derby Day.

image © 2010 Churchill Downs

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  1. As much as I love the appearance of Churchill Downs, as fast as my heart pounds in those 2 minutes of the Run for the Roses, I still love Keeneland in Lexington best of all the tracks I've ever visited.

    I feel your pain about not being back in the Bluegrass State. I love it to death; it's just missing one thing to be perfect ~ an ocean.


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