Monday, November 30, 2009

Nurse Tilly Reporting for Duty

Hullo all. Nurse Tilly here.

Just taking a quick break from tending to Princess Funky McFunkenstein to help my loyal assistant Piggy reach the tissues off the shelf. Seems it was a better idea to send the 4-inch-tall purple plush pig to fetch them rather than the 5-foot-5-inch-tall grown-up.

While Piggy drags them back to PFF's lair, I thought I'd post a quiz for you dear readers:

WHO is a big ol' whiny crybaby when she's sick?

  1. CCW
  2. CatCon
  3. Her Royal Highness Princess Snarkerella
  4. NOT me (nor Piggy)
  5. All of the above


Wait! What? You say you didn't choose an answer yet?


Like it matters ...

Nurse T OUT.

1 comment:

  1. nurse T is the cutest! brings a smile to my face every time!


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